Angus and Julia Stone


The country’s perennial golden brother and sister folk duo, Angus and Julia Stone, are returning to Australian shores in September for two shows at the Sydney Opera House. The tour comes off the back of their self-titled album, which was recorded throughout 2013/2014 with iconic US producer Rick Rubin. The brother and sister pair initially had no plans to reunite, after forays into solo careers with separate records released by both Angus and Julia in 2012/2013, but after the invitation from Rubin, they excitedly did. The result thus far is a new sound full of rich electric guitar licks and co-lead vocals, a new step for the pair who usually write more acoustically, separately. Catch them this September in Sydney.

Where: September 14, 15, Sydney Opera House

Phone: (02) 9250711


Image: Jesse Hill for Angus and Julia Stone