Facebook Campaign


 What kind of Hotel Guest are you?



This successful facebook competition had over 350 entries. See some of the funniest, sweetest and most poetic entries below:


 Andrew from NSW says:

"FEAR ME, hotel chefs! For I am DEVOURER - emperor of entrees, master of mains, duke of desserts, conqueror of all hotel buffets!! Mwahahahahahaha..."


Stephen from SA sings:

"Karaoke guest because I sing Dolly Parton songs at karaoke, I sound exactly like her, too embarrassing because I'm a construction worker"


Alexandra from NSW debates:

"We have treasure hunts and pillow fights, And debate about our student rights! Tea parties and movie nights, To dressing up in silly tights!"


David from SA jokes:

"Breakfast in pyjamas...Which wouldn't be so bad except I don't wear any. It's enough to put anyone off their sausages!"


Sandra from QLD dreams:

"The 'Make the most of my stay' in every way guest. Leisure, pleasure, enjoyment, fun, themes, dreams, second to none, Cambridge Hotel is number one!"


Scary Jo from NSW says:

"A 'serial guest', I keep returning to a hotel that is comfortable, has friendly staff, great food and makes me feel at home."


Bronwyn from QLD remembers:

"After nine years as housekeeping manager, (hospitality), I am The Perfect Guest because I know how hard cleaners work. I always leave block of chocolate."


Annabelle from NSW - Winner of the Ipad says:

"Foster-mummy to seven, Self-indulgence epitomises heaven! Sumptuous “freebies” is a “rare” treat! Feeling I deserve! Culprit that smuggles what is paid for from the suite… "