Hotel Policies


In order to allow for all guests to have a peaceful and comfortable stay the following conditions are in place in the hotel.

The number of guests permitted in any room after 10pm on any night is the number of guests registered in your booking. We have a strict NO PARTY policy. If there is any damage noticed upon your departure the costs will be charged to your credit card provided on arrival.

Any noise from a room at any time that is considered by Management to be a disturbance to other guests must cease immediately once requested by staff or management.


The hotel is a totally non-smoking property. Any guest detected smoking in the room will be charged a 'spring cleaning' fee of $200 and will be asked to cease smoking immediately.

If a fire alarm is triggered due to smoking or any other reason considered to be misuse; a fee of $750 will apply. The fee is to be settled immediately at reception desk after the NSW fire brigade has attended the site.


The above policies form part of your conditions of occupancy at the hotel.The management reserve the right to request that any guests not complying with the above conditions to vacate their rooms and leave the property immediately. All fees and charges must be settled and any amounts paid will be forfeited.