The Cambridge Hotel Sydney is Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Accommodation

AAA Tourism has awarded  Cambridge Hotel Sydney with a green star accreditation. The green star is an additional endorsement to our current AAA 4 star rating.

We at the Cambridge Hotel  have made a commitment to a resource smart, environmental sustainable policy.

Energy Minimisation

  • Rooms are fitted with energy saving key-tags that switch off lighting on leaving the rooms, and 99% of all lighting is based on 'energy efficient globes of no more than 15W.


  • Our air conditioners use 'inverter technology' which delivers 5 Star energy consumption

Water Minimisation

  • Water flow is restricted to 8 litres and 6 litres per minute, for showers and taps respectively, and all toilets have an AAA rating.

Waste Management

  • We use bio-degradable bin-liners and reuse all bulk containers. Waste is separated by Paper, Organic (vegetable) Plastic, Glass and General. Organic waste is treated on premises.

Management initiatives

  • Recycling of all paper products, and the introduction of paperless electronic filing. Using recycled/refilled ink cartridges in all compatible printers, and using non-hazardous chemicals wherever possible

  • All enclosed areas of the hotel are 100 % "Non-Smoking"

Guest involvement initiatives

  • Rooms are provided with waste bins and guests are encouraged to help by separating their waste into recyclable and general waste

  • Guests are given an option not to have their toweling & linen changed daily