The Cambridge Hotel is a proud sponsor of Dragons Abreast Australia and WhiteLion.


Dragons Abreast Australia promotes a message of education, hope and awareness of breast cancer. They assist individuals post breast cancer treatment in making the transition back into a full and active life despite this insidious disease via participation in a dragon boat program.

Together they provide a beacon of hope and  inspiration whilst   personalising the   breast cancer statistics in the communities in which we live. The staff and management of the hotel some 12 months ago undertook a fitness regime, for every kilo lost the hotel donated one hundred dollars to Dragons Abreast. This has been very successful with over fifty thousand dollars being raised. The hotel is the preferred accommodation provider for Dragons Abreast. This initiative has brought exposure in the media both online and offline.





Whitelion works with highly vulnerable young people involved with or at risk of involvement with the Youth Justice WhiteLion target group that comprises a minority of young people in our society: a highly vulnerable and high

risk group of young  people confronting  cumulative barriers to  social inclusion and  perpetuating the cycle  of intergenerational  disadvantage Firstly  we educate the guest about the White Lion and what they are doing. We inform all guests staying in the hotel that they can donate $ this cause. Every dollar raised is given back to the White lion. Staff and management also attend career days at detention centres. We inform the youth of opportunities within the hospitality industry. The hotel also offers trainee ships and this is a certificate course with on the job training . Hostec are also involved with this training. Management of the hotel also participated in Lock Up; this is where volunteers are locked up for the night and raise money for White Lion by being sponsored to make bail. It gives a firsthand look at what these juveniles go through.  Cambridge Hotel Sydney also supports this charity by giving away complimentary nights for the organisation. Additionally on top of these two major charities Cambridge hotel strongly supports Starlight Foundation, schools, local community projects by donating free nights here at the hotel. This has portrayed a positive out image for the hotel amongst our staff, our community and our guests.